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Madeira Wine Justino's Malvasia 10 Years Old-10 YEARS OLD MADEIRA
  • Vinho da Madeira Justino's Malvasia 10 Anos

Madeira Wine Justino's Malvasia 10 Years Old

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Appearance: Clean and brilliant deep amber colour.
Nose | Taste: Caramel, dark chocolate and toffee are the mains themes in this sweet Madeira. Delicious and complex bouquet.
Sweet, soft and richly textured with a mellow but strong character. Long and sweet aftertaste.

These are blended wines from white grape varieties present on the island, which actually, for a number of reasons are grown in limited volume. They represent approximately 15% of the total harvest.

At Justino’s Madeira these wines are only available as Old Reserves 10 Years Old.  This is as a result of the limited number of grapes harvested. These wines, produced exclusively under de canteiro system, required aging in oak casks for many years in order to obtain the characteristic colours and complexity of a Madeira wine.

They are blended from several wines, all of which have themselves been produced by the individual vinification of white grapes, and which have spent a minimum of 10 years in oak casks prior to bottling.

Justino’s also produces a 100% varietal from Terrantez grapes under the indication of Old Reserve. 


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