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Port Fonseca Bin 27 is a Port wine of deep and youthful  ruby colour. Reveals an intense rich fruity nose crammed with pure blackberry, cassis, cherry and plum aromas interwoven with notes of...

12,42 € - EURO

Port Fonseca Ruby is a Port wine of deep ruby colour.  It is fresh, vigorous and with a youthful nose, full of intense cherry and blackcurrant aromas. Full bodied on the palate, with solid but well...

7,69 € - EURO

Port Tawny Fonseca is a tawny-red colour fading to brick on the rim. The nose is seductive and displays aromas of apricot and plum with mellow undertones of butterscotch and spice. On the palate...

7,70 € - EURO

Port Fonseca 10 Years Old is a Port wine of reddish-brown color with bright crimson reflections and with a fragrant bouquet of ripe fruit. Reveals a soft and silky texture with subtle nuances...

18,57 € - EURO

Fonseca 20 Year Old Tawny is a Port wine of deep amber color with russet reflexes. Its superb bouquet is result of a complex marriage between ripe fruit and warm spicy overtones of cinnamon and...

39,35 € - EURO
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Port Fonseca 40 Years Old is a Port wine of olive-ocher colour, characteristic of older Port wines aged in cask. The nose reveals an incredible density, dominated by fine wood oak aromas.

191,87 € - EURO
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Showing 1 - 6 of 16 items