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Madeira Wine Barbeito Verdelho Ribeiro Real  20 Years Old-20 YEARS OLD MADEIRA

Madeira Wine Barbeito Verdelho Ribeiro Real 20 Years Old

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Madeira Barbeito Verdelho 20 Years Old Ribeiro Real is a DOP Madeira wine with a beautiful golden colour with green tinges. It is exuberant and intensely perfumed, revealing an excellent complexity and elegance. Lingering in the mouth with surprising intensity and smoothness. Excellent as digestive.

A little History:

By order of Prince Henry, to whom King Dom Duarte donated the Island of Madeira, discovered by the Portuguese in 1420, vines brought from Crete were planted on the south side of the island. The climate and volcanic soil conditions were so favorable to their growth that they produced wines unique in the world. It is on record, that Madeira wines were exported before 1460; the marriage of Princess Catherine of Braganza to Charles II in 1660 marked the beginning of large-scale exports of Madeira wines to England. During the 17th and 18th centuries, a great many ships entered the port of Funchal to purchase large quantities of Madeira wine and export them to England, Northern Europe countries, Russia, and later to colonies. Throughout the 18th century, the United States of America was the main market for "Madeira" which was the chosen wine to toast at the signing of the Declaration of Independence of that country, in 1776.

Among the producers of the best wines were old Madeiran families such as Favila, twice united by marriage to descendants of Bartholomew Perestrelo, the discoverer of Porto Santo (1419). In the 19th century, one of these descendants married the King's Counsellor Manuel José Vieira, thus originating the name "Favila Vieira", currently borne by the family. During the reign of King Luís I (1838-1889) a Favila "canteiro" wine displayed insignia of the Royal House of Braganza, which implies its high quality was endorsed "by appointment" to the Royal House. A wine produced by Counsellor Vieira won the gold medal at the Paris International Exposition of 1889. Some of the most appreciated wines came from a Ribeiro Real estate, which a branch of the family inherited. In the 20th century, this wine growing area of fertile volcanic soil, fully exposed to the sun, with vines planted on terraces at an altitude of about 200 metres, produced wines of the "Tinta Negra" variety, celebrated for their fragant aroma, rich and complex flavor. Vinhos Barbeito has long been aware of the excellence of the Ribeiro Real production. Founded in 1946 by Mário Barbeito Vasconcelos, the company has always been a family-run business. The founder's own daughter, Manuela Vasconcelos, who started working for the company in 1972, took the helm. Continuing her father's work, Manuela played a very important role in strengthening the company's ability to compete in the national and foreign markets, in the nineteen-eighties. In 1991, Manuela passed the leadership over to her son Ricardo Diogo Freitas, who has preserved the traditional methods of wine-making, recuperated forgotten techniques and brought new energy, technological modernization and innovative spirit to the company. He creates artisan wines produced from the traditional varieties of grapes, from unique vines and from single casks. Ricardo Diogo Freitas contributes in his own personal way to the history of Madeira wine by producing also 20, 30, 40 year old and older blends. Under his supervision, Vinhos Barbeito selected Ribeiro Real wines aged in French oak casks which are an important component of this blend. The result is this delicious wine, uniting an exceedingly fragant aroma and delicate pungency and richness of flavour.  

Grape Varieties: Verdelho, Tinta Negra.

Vinification: Verdelho from Seixal and Ribeira da Janela (north coast of the Island) and Tinta Negra from Câmara de Lobos (south coast). Grape must from Tinta Negra was obtained through foot treading and Verdelho from continuous press. Arresting of fermentation takes place at the desired degree of sweetness by adding vinic alcohol (96%).

Serving Suggestions: This wine was naturally aged in casks and bottled in its purest state. This wine was bottled ready for drinking and will keep well several months after opening.


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