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Firewater Macieira XO-FIREWATER
  • Aguardente Macieira XO Com Caixa

Firewater Macieira XO

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The Aguardente Vínica Velha Macieira XO is exceptional, selected from the best wine spirits, distinguished by its woody aroma. A singular firewater, for unique moments.

Some History:

Macieira is obtained from wine spirit with a minimum aging of six months in oak barrels.
Its subtle aroma is the result of the original recipe and the distillation of Arinto, Periquita, Trincadeira and Fernão Pires grapes.
Macieira is a Portuguese distillate traditionally produced in Bombarral between 1885 and 2014.

The distillate was created by José Guilherme Macieira, son of José Maria Macieira, after having studied oenology in the French Region of Cognac.
Its recipe remains as original and secret as it was in 1885. Macieira's success was instantaneous, its quality and reputation gained true appreciators
loyal to the brand, like Fernando Pessoa.
After its launch in 1885, Macieira continues to be the market leader in Portugal and exported to more than 30 countries on 5 continents.
With an alcoholic strength of 36 °, 40 ° or 43 °, Macieira is obtained from wine spirit with a minimum aging of six months in oak casks.
It results from the distillation of grapes of different varieties and is based on a recipe that has remained unchanged since its launch.
In 1865, José Maria Macieira founded Macieira & Cª Lda, with the purpose of selling olive oil, wine and spirits. Twenty years later, the company started producing its own distillate, Macieira Royal Brandy, and was elected by King D. Carlos I as supplier of the royal house.

Macieira was exhibited and awarded at several international fairs such as the Universal Fair in Paris in 1900, the South African Industrial Fair in 1904, the Commemorative Fair of the Opening of the Panama Canal in 1915, among others. Furthermore,
was selected to replenish the stocks of cognac that were destroyed during World War II.
Elevador da Glória (Lisbon), in 1977, with advertising for Macieira.

In 1973 Macieira was acquired by Seagram, which in turn was acquired by Pernod Ricard in 2000.

Macieira represents more than half of the consumption of brandy in the Portuguese market. At first, it fought the decline in sales with a focus on exports. Macieira became the brand of Pernod Ricard Portugal's portfolio with the largest export volume, betting on the fame you enjoy with the nostalgia market.
The brand is exported to more than 30 countries and it consumption keeps growing.


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