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Aguardente Velha XO DOC Lourinhã-FIREWATER

Coming from one of the only three Demarcated Regions exclusive of Aguardente Vínica do Mundo, DOC Lourinhã. It is produced from Quinta do Rol wines, with low alcohol content (9%), high fixed acidity, without sulfites and distilled in copper columns, by the continuous method. Aged over 10 years in barrels of National Oak, French Oak Limousin, French Oak Allier Quinta do Rol is located in the heart of the Lourinhã region, and is currently the main producer and owner of its own distillery. The grapes of the varieties Ugni Blanc, Malvasia Fina and Alicante Branco, are grown and conducted with a view to obtaining wines with low alcohol content, high fixed acidity and low pH.

The wines, meticulously elaborated, are distilled right after the end of the alcoholic fermentation, thus preserving all their organoleptic potential. Then, the Aguardente from Quinta do Rol migrates to French oak casks (from the Allier and Limousin forest) and Portuguese oak, where it ages for more than 5 years. It is the combination of these different woods and different contact periods, which allow the obtaining of this refined, singular and unique brandy. Brownish topaz color with golden straw tones.

Complex aroma with dried fruits (walnut), honey, spices, light touch to the wood. Balanced palate with soft tannins, sweet with a smooth and complex body in retro aromas that promote a long finish with a very pleasant aroma. It should be served at room temperature.


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Main Grape Variety
Autóctones Portuguesas
Quinta do Rol
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