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Hot Sauce BBQ Piri-Piri Flor das Hortas

Hot Sauce Piri-Piri Flor das Hortas is a condiment made of chili and...

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Blandy's 5 Years Old Malmsey Miniatures
Madeira Wine Blandy's 5 Years Old Malmsey Miniatures

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Merda Liqueur

The story of the famous Merda Liqueur (or Milk) dates back to 1974, known by the April Revolution. The story goes that this liqueur was created in a tone of satire as a reference to the conflict that existed between the two political fronts: the left and the right.

This is a typical Portuguese liqueur, from Cantanhede, where only the name is nasty. 

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Ingredients: It is made from milk, and is also known as Milk Liqueur. Also contains vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon, sugar and citrus.

Alcohol Grade: 20%

  • Unit 70 Cl - 23,7FL Oz
  • Country Portugal
  • Alcohol Grade 20%