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Hot Sauce BBQ Piri-Piri Flor das Hortas

Hot Sauce Piri-Piri Flor das Hortas is a condiment made of chili and...

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Blandy's 5 Years Old Malmsey Miniatures
Madeira Wine Blandy's 5 Years Old Malmsey Miniatures

Blandy's 5 Anos Malmsey is a Madeira wine of dark, golden brown colour...

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Dom Benedictine Liqueur

Dom Benedictine Liqueur has a very pungent flavour with spices and herbs. It is rich and flavoursome.            

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A little History:

It is said that Bénédictine was originally created as an elixir to sustain monks as they worked. D.O.M. stands for "Deo Optimo Maximo" meaning, "To God most good, most great".

Alcohol Grade: 40%

  • Unit 70 Cl - 23,7FL Oz
  • Country France
  • Alcohol Grade 40%