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Whisky Jameson Makers Blender's Dog-IRISH WHISKY
  • Whisky Jameson Makers Blender's Dog

Whisky Jameson Makers Blender's Dog

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From light citrus aromas to notes of pineapple, mango and kiwi, with an addition of figs and dates. A touch of nut brings us to the contribution of spicy American and Spanish barrels, vanilla and toasted oak. An intense, chunky and creamy palate, with the sweetness of butterscotch, gives way to the tingle of spices from the still. The juicy fruit flavor provides a perfect balance, as the charred oak with some subtle tannins adds complexity.
Exceptionally long-lasting as the tasty fruit slowly fades.

Blender's Dog (belonging to the whiskey Makers Series collection) is an Irish whiskey that celebrates the art of our Master Blender, Billy Leighton. We're not sure if he has any musical notes in his head, but harmonizing Irish whiskey is his main activity.

This is our tribute to his art and the tools he uses to hear whiskey sing: his blender’s dog tool used to take a sample of whiskey directly from the hull.


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