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  • How to do a tropical mojito
    How to do a tropical mojito
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    Rum and mint are the basis of this exotic cocktail. The flavors of mango and passion fruit give it a truly tropical touch. The base is the original recipe: rum, sparkling water, mint, sugar and lots of ice, but with an extra touch of mango and the crunchy passion fruit seeds. The set is vibrant, the taste of crying for more. Let's try? Find out how to make this fresh and colorful mojito.

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  • Rose Sparkling wine cocktail
    Rose Sparkling wine cocktail
    72 Views Liked

    Toast to the good things in life and prepare this sparkling rosé cocktail, decorated with grapes and mint. Simple flavors that sparkle at your table.

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  • Madeira Island drinks
    Madeira Island drinks
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    The island of Madeira is known, in particular, for its wine lands, which date back almost to the time of the island's discovery, in 1419, for its liqueurs, the famous rum or sugar cane brandy, witnessed in Madeira's documentary heritage since the 16th century, but what really stands out more and more is the «Poncha».

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